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The SYNE “Parallel Visions” traveling exhibition opened June 22, 2007 in the Vonderau Museum in Fulda, Germany by Fulda’s Lord Mayor Gerhard Möller and the President of the Sister Cities Organization, Dennis Sheer.  


Participating artists from Fulda included:  Veronika Dutt, Petra Lange, Joanna Skurska, Ulrich Barnickel, Peter Blum, Predrag Hegedüs, Gideon Krüpe, Michael Mohr, Walter Rammler and Leszek Skurski. 

The eight artists representing SYNE are Margo Allman, Carla Lombardi, Mitch Lyons, Ken Mabrey, Helen Mason, Rick Rothrock, Deborah Stelling, and Valetta. 

The exhibition was shown through July 29, 2007.

SYNE  Parallel Visions

– Vonderau Museum, Fulda, Germany

– Opening June 22, 2007

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